Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker Buyers Guide

Ever since, offering people outdoor leisure products has been the prime focus of Smoke Hollow and that includes electric smokers. Rick Davidson established the company back in 2005. The company has spent a lot of time researching, designing and engineering their products in order to offer people only the best.

Not only does the company offer smokers for they also offer BBQ grills that makes cooking outdoors much easier and extra specials. The products that they have are also perfect for those who are planning to invite people over for an outdoor party.

Smoke Hollow 30162e Electric Smoker Review


The smoke hollow 30162E is the electric smoker most  preferable and comfort electric smoker for outdoor use  and style cooking though the  product itself defines it is electric and you do no have to worry  about running out of  LP gas.

Why it is preferable product for outdoor cooking?

Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker

It has a double insulated steel  wall  and 1500-watt element which  is powerful enough  to smoke and roast Variety  of meats .Double wall insulation helps to maintain temperature in all sorts of weather. Its  build and  handles make easy to carry around  for outdoor use like events and etc . its temperature maxes out till 275 degrees it good enough though for smoking. Smoke hollow smokers have magnetic latch.

If you are looking for long term use? This smoker doesn’t make holes in your pocket: P is just worth buying  for. Click out the button below to check prices.


It has 4 racks with porcelain coated water pans and wood chip pans. It has 3  chrome  plated grids  and 22X19X37. 5 dimensions can easily can accommodate  22 to 25 pounds food. Sometimes we have to adjust the wood chip pan to get the good amt of smoke. The woodchips last up to 30-40minutes so you have to refill it couple of times while long duration of smoking.  Though you need to open door for refilling your woods chips basically it drops the temperature of the smoker.


Thermostats control: – Smoke hollow electric smoker comes with thermostats controller and it maintains the temperature for you  and guess what we do not have to watch smokers like others except electric smokers most of all have this feature and this is the biggest advantage of electric smokers.

Parts are easily available:-  We don’t have to bang out head searching for parts of smoke hollow smokers  its easily available on market and you just have to replace some small parts after the use of  1-2 years.