Smokin-It Model 1 Electric Smoker Review

This Smokin-It product is our smallest electric smoker on our list but seems to be a big smoke among its competitors. Let’s look clearly at what this electric smoker gives us. The Smokin-It Model 1 Electric Smoker comes in a stainless steel cabinet inside and out that looks simply made for purpose. There are no unnecessary features to this model so how well does it do its one job that it is designed for – simply smoking food. We look at the details and see if this little smoker is a lot bigger than it first appears and earn its place in our finest electric smokers on the market.

Small and Compact

The most notable feature of the Smokin-It Model 1 Electric Smoker is that it is the smallest of our selection of the best. This compact electric smoker weighs in at 57 pounds and 20.4 inches high, 19 inches wide and 15 inches deep. You can make it feel taller if you attach the four castors for moving around, giving another 2.75 inches of height.

With everything so functional the inside is mostly available to cooking. It gives us the dimensions of 17.3 inches in height, 13.5 inches of width and 12.5 inches of depth. This still gives us a well sized capacity of 2911 cubic inches of space, a family sized 22 pounds of meat can be smoked in this space.

Good Value

The second way this electric smoker stands out from the crowd is simply its price. The Smokin-It Electric Smoker comes out as the cheapest starting price of all the products we researched. You may find deals on many other products because of the length of time they have been around but this new smoker comes out with a competitive price.

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Smokin-It Model 1 Electric Smoker Features and Specifications

  • Smoker manufactured by Smokin-It
  • Electric smoker rated at 8 Amps 120V for a much cleaner fuel than propane or gas
  • LED indicator light indicating if it is cooking
  • Fully insulated with fiberglass to reduce heat loss
  • Temperature range from 100°F to 250°F
  • Constructed from 100% 18 gauge stainless steel for absolute durability from corrosion and rust
  • Two removable stainless steel grilling racks for easy positioning of large food items350 watt heating element, 8 amps 120 volt single phase
  • Easily maintainable drip pan that simply slides under smoker when cooking
  • Inside the smoker there is 17.3 inches height, 13.5 inches wide and 12.5 inches depth, giving 2911 cubic inches of space
  • Up to 22 lbs. of meat capacity per load
  • Four heavy duty casters so it is easily moved around or taken off for permanent siting
  • This smoker weighs 57 pounds
  • The Smokin-It electric smoker is 20.4 inches high without casters or 23.1 inches with them fitted, it is 19 inches wide and 15 inches deep

Customer Reviews

Most of the user reviews we found posted online about the Smokin-It electric smoker were positive ones. Consumers especially rave its simplicity and quality built. It is also good to see that reviewers will update their review as time goes by, so after a year of use you can tell that they are still as happy with the smoker as at the time they bought it. One person did in fact state that the smoker gave the meat a bitter taste, only to realize later that such taste was just the result of using too much wood.

Pros and Cons Of The Smokin-It Model 1 Electric Smoker

Now the fact that this product is small and basically all it does is smoke food means that there are no luxuries compared to other more expensive electric smokers. Programmed cooking is not there, you can set the temperature but there is no timer or auto shut off. This is more useful to someone who isn’t likely to worry about disappearing out when the food is due to be taken out of the smoker.

The fact that this electric smoker is compact. Compact means that it is useful to anyone who will not be cooking in bulk or where space is at a premium. Why heat up a half empty smoker every time you cook anyway.

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The initial price of this electric smoker makes it stand out when a budget is tight, so for this it is worth considering. It is also useful for the family who isn’t worried about cooking loads of food at once, who may really want to smoke meals on a regular basis. On top of that the real reason for buying this electric smoker may just simply be that everyone else who has ever bought it just loves it.

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